Registration number: 5993246

Registration date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020


International class: 003
For: Cosmetics; perfumery

International class: 005
For: Pharmaceutical and medical products, namely, pharmaceutical lotions for skin care and products for cleansing the skin for medical use; preparations for medical use, namely, medicated skin care preparations; hygiene and sanitary products for medical use, namely, sanitizer gel, disinfecting wipes and sanitary wipes; dietetic substances and foodstuffs for medical use namely, dietetic food for the treatment of skin diseases; dietetic foods adapted for medical use; and nutritional supplements

International class: 035
For: Wholesale and retail store services provided via global computer networks for all types of cosmetic and perfumery products, pharmaceutical and medical products, preparations for medical use, hygienic and sanitary products for medical use, foodstuffs and dietetic substances for medical use and food, dietary and nutritional supplements