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Registration number: 5988883

Registration date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020

Original Owner: Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

Mark description

The mark consists of a teddy bear sleeping and partially covered by a portion of a blanket. The blanket has a border and a main section, with a maple leaf on the main section near the border. The teddy bear's head from chin upward extends beyond the border of the blanket, and the hands of the teddy bear, which are represented by circles, also appear above the blanket on the border. The teddy bear and the portion of blanket are surrounded by a circle, with ears of the teddy bear extending over the circle. The words "Bear Care" are below the encircled teddy bear and blanket, and the words "INFANT CARE & EARLY LEARNING", which are in a smaller font than "Bear Care", are below the words "Bear Care".


International class: 043
For: Providing child care, namely, franchised infant care programs