Patent number: 11673234

Knife sharpening angle guide

Original Assignee: MB “PEILIU EKSPERTAI”

Field of technology: Furniture and Household Articles, Tools

Patent granted on: Tue, 13 Jun 2023

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The invention relates to hand tools of knife sharpening, especially for sharpening of kitchen knifes, namely relates to angle guides for knife sharpening. This angle guide has a removably attachable body that is put on a sharpening rod through a hole going through the body, which has the ability to move back and forth on the rod. The body has guiding cutouts for the blade of a knife that allow to maintain the desired angle against the sharpening rod during the sharpening procedure. At least one pair of cutouts with inclined narrowing cavities are formed in the body on its opposing sides in opposing directions, which allows to alternate between the sides of the blade during the sharpening process and in this way much less burr is produced.