Patent number: 11125485

Ice vending machine

Original Assignee: Ice House America, LLC

Field of technology: Miscellaneous

Patent granted on: Tue, 21 Sep 2021

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An ice vending machine automatically provides ice to a customer based upon a request from the consumer for the ice. In some embodiments, the ice vending machine includes a transfer box to transfer ice from a horizontal auger to an inclined auger. In some embodiments, the inclined auger motor is mounted at the top of the inclined auger. The inclined auger motor may drive the inclined auger by way of a chain and sprockets or directly drive the inclined auger without a chain or sprockets. In some embodiments, a lip shelf is located at an edge of the holding vessel floor. In some embodiments, a rear wall is removable from the holding vessel. In some embodiments, the ice machine includes an awning, a top hat, or an ice maker canopy. In some embodiments, the ice vending machine includes an improved motor and chain layout.