Patent number: 11033724

Tattooing apparatus

Original Assignee: Hand of Glory Tattoo Studio Inc.

Field of technology: Miscellaneous, Tools

Patent granted on: Tue, 15 Jun 2021

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A tattooing apparatus includes a grip body and a pivot pin. The grip body defines a cavity extending entirely through the grip body in a first direction. The pivot pin is mounted in the cavity perpendicular to the first direction, the pivot pin having an axis of rotation, the pivot pin mounted rotatably around the axis of rotation.A tattoo needle assembly includes a needle bar, a loop, and a plurality of needles. The needle bar has a first end and a second end. The loop is coupled to the first end and defines a first plane. The plurality of needles includes a first row coupled to the second end and defining a second plane, the first plane angled approximately 90 degrees to the second plane.A tattoo needle assembly includes three rows of at least three needles, the needles fastened together to be immovable with respect to each other.