Patent number: 11002388

Fire hydrant nozzle

Original Assignee: Kennedy Valve Company

Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes

Patent granted on: Tue, 11 May 2021

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A fire hydrant nozzle includes an annular sleeve, which has an annular wall, an inlet end, and an outlet end. The inlet end has a fire hydrant connection element extending from the inlet end and configured to couple with a fire hydrant outlet. The fire hydrant connection element has a portion protruding radially inward, the portion protruding radially inward configured to be moved with respect to the outlet end to connect with the fire hydrant outlet. Another embodiment includes an inlet end and an outlet end, the outlet end configured to couple with a fire hose, the inlet end having a fire hydrant connection element and a first portion with a wall thickness less than a wall thickness of the outlet end. The first portion of the inlet end is configured to be bent to facilitate movement of the fire hydrant connection element into connection with a fire hydrant.