Patent number: 10970095

Obtaining insights from a distributed system for a dynamic, customized, context-sensitive help system

Original Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

Field of technology: Computer Software

Patent granted on: Tue, 06 Apr 2021

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A context-sensitive help system for obtaining insights from a target environment in an unobtrusive manner. The context-sensitive help system detects a search or opening of a help document containing a plurality of placeholders and product/component names by a user; crawls documents in the knowledgebase and extracts product and/or component names and corresponding configuration parameters or placeholders; stores the product and/or component names and placeholders in the placeholder dictionary along with links and an index to documents in the knowledgebase. The system extracts insights from the target environment in an unobtrusive manner; and replaces placeholders in the help document with values from the target environment based on the insights from the target environment; and then displays the help document to the user.