Patent number: 10876278

Main valve seal guide ribs

Original Assignee: Kennedy Valve Company

Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes

Patent granted on: Tue, 29 Dec 2020

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In an embodiment, a fire hydrant elbow includes a first portion joined with a second portion, the second portion having a center axis angled from a center axis of the first portion. A main valve seat faces radially inward toward the first center axis from the first annular wall, the main valve seat defining a step from a first radius to a second radius, the first radius being larger than the second radius. A guide rib is adjacent the main valve seat between the first portion and the second portion, the guide rib protruding radially inward toward the first center axis.In another embodiment, a main valve seal guide for a fire hydrant includes an annular body and a plurality of guide ribs coupled to the annular body. Each guide rib has a first surface, and each guide rib extends from the annular body to the first surface.