Patent number: 10800576

Metallic pallet system with ski-shaped feet


  • Hong Sin; Tan

Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes, Vehicles, Engines and Transportation

Patent granted on: Tue, 13 Oct 2020

Patent drawing


A pallet system with a reusable metal pallet base and a reusable collapsible corrugated carton or box. The pallet has a rectangular outer perimeter frame and a rectangular inner perimeter frame located inside the rectangular outer perimeter frame. The pallet includes four middle angular member junctions located between the rectangular inner perimeter frame and the rectangular outer perimeter frame and eight ski-shaped feet mounted to the side elements of the inner perimeter frame and to the side bars of the outer perimeter frame. Each of the corner angular member junctions and the middle angular member junctions has an upward-extending flange. The ski-shaped feet and the upward-extending flanges are arranged such that when two reusable metal pallets are stacked, the ski-shaped feet of an upper pallet nests and the upward-extending flanges partially cover an outer surface of the outer peripheral frame of the upper pallet.