Patent number: 10779581

Pin assembly attachment member and versatile method of use


  • Molina; Carmen Luz

Field of technology: Miscellaneous

Patent granted on: Tue, 22 Sep 2020

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A pin assembly attachment member with a versatile method of use for support and/or enhancement of apparel. This is an improvement upon conventional attachment hooks designed to attach to a single interchangeable and/or convertible garment. Such conventional hooks have somewhat limited utility. The pin assembly attachment member comprises a solid body comprising of at least one aperture for receiving a formed adjustment loop of straps or apparel, and/or an attachment hook, and comprises of an attachment pin having a distal end for puncturing the fabric of apparel for removably engaging with apparel or combination of a garment and/or a bra or other lingerie. The attachment members can be removably secured to an interior portion adjacent to an upper edge of garment using either the attachment hook or the attachment pin. The attachment hook would be inserted through a loop affixed to the garment. The attachment pin would be inserted through an interior lining of the garment. The attachment members can be attached to two garments using the combination of the attachment hook and the attachment pin.