Patent number: 10729126

Portable thawer components and features

Original Assignee: BioLife Solutions, Inc.

Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes

Patent granted on: Tue, 04 Aug 2020

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The present disclosure is related to sample thawing. Features described herein may limit power requirements of the thawing device and may thereby increase the portability of the thawing device. The device may include a housing; a heater block housed within the housing and forming a vial receptacle; a thermally-conductive compliant material may line an inner surface of the receptacle; and a heating element may be coupled with the heater block. The thermally-conductive compliant material may be molded to a shape of a bottom portion of the vial so as to fittingly mate with the bottom portion of the vial. In some embodiments, the heater block does not have moveable components and may be a single non-segmented piece. An ejection pin may be provided configured to break contact between the vial and the thermally-conductive compliant material. Additionally, the receptacle may be localized to the vial region adjacent to the frozen sample.