Patent number: 10648964

Biologic stability, delivery logistics and administration of time and/or temperature sensitive biologic based materials

Original Assignee: Biologistex CCM, LLC

Field of technology: Biotech, Medical

Patent granted on: Tue, 12 May 2020

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In some embodiments, alerts are sent to appropriate parties if an insulated container is not properly packed out to insure the approximate safe temperature of the materials. In other embodiments, a countdown timer is used to keep track of the time that the biologic has been in transit, and ensure that the amount of time does not exceed the known shelf life of the biologic. In still other embodiments, the payload container is equipped with its own sensors, such as temperature sensors, and communications devices, such as a close range communication device, capable of transmitting information regarding a range of parameters, including, but not limited to, temperature, humidity, location and time, from the payload container to an end user. In other embodiments, shielding and/or radiation sensors are included in insulated shipping or storage containers, or payload containers, to shield and monitor the radiation exposure of the payload.