Patent No. 1,466,559

Issued: August 28, 1923

Inventor: Charles G. Purdy, Brooklyn, NY

The device is used in the following manner:

The plate is gripped between the teeth of the user and the spring or flexible member 8 is attack to a wall or other suitable support. When the device has been secured to the support and the plate firmly gripped between the teeth, by movements of the head, the device will receive a series of short jerks or impulses which will be transmitted to the teeth in order to produce a strain thereon, which strain serves to give the several organs of the mouth and head a proper exercise to maintain the necessary circulation therein.

In Fig. 4 is shown another method of using the device and when used in this man ner, two plates 5 are employed. Each of these plates is provided with a flexible member 8, the ends of which are secured to a single elastic member 9 in the form of a spring or the like. This form of the device is used by two persons, each of which grips one of the plates between the teeth, and said persons pull in opposite directions similar to the so-called "tug-of-war."

From the foregoing it is apparent that the present invention provides means by which the teeth, gums and other organs of the mouth are subjected to sufficient exercise to set up a free circulation therein and maintain a healthy state thereof.

And when the spring lets go, you both break your noses...

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