Combined Plow and Gun

Patent No. 35,600

Issued: June 17, 1862


. . .The object of our invention is to produce a plow equal, if not superior, in point of strength and lightness to that implement as ordinarily made, and at the same time to combine in its construction the elements of light ordnance, so that when the occasion offers it may do valuable service in the capacity of both implements. . . .

Its utility as an implement of the twofold capacity described is unquestionable, especially when used in border localities, subject to savage feuds and guerrilla warfare. As a means of defense in repelling surprises and skirmishing attacks on those engaged in a peaceful avocation it is unrivaled, as it can be immediately brought into action by disengaging the team, and in times of danger may be used in the field, ready charged with its deadly missiles of ball or grape. The share serves to anchor it firmly in the ground and enables it to resist the recoil, while the hand levers furnish convenient means of giving it the proper direction.

This combination enables those in agricultural pursuits to have at hand an efficient weapon of defense at a very slight expense in addition to that of a common and indispensable implement, and one that is hardly inferior as regards the means of moving, planting, and directing to that of expensive light ordnance on wheels. . . .

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