Patent No. 883,611

Issued: March 31, 1908


A Better Mouse Trap

Our invention relates to improved means for exterminating rats, mice, &c., and it consists essentially of a device having a normally closed laterally separable annular frame, an endless flexible resilient band or collar supported by and encircling said annular part of the frame, and spring resisted tripping means operatively connected with a member of the frame, all constructed and arranged whereby an animal, say a rat, upon introducing its head through the frame opening and seizing the lure or bait attached to said tripping means automatically releases the latter, which action at the same instant also releases and separates the said frame member and frees the expanded band, which latter then immediately contracts around the animal's neck before be can retreat from the device or apparatus. The thus bedecked animal is not caught or confined in any manner whatever but is free to return to its bole and colony.

The "bell-rat" as it may be termed, then in seeking its burrow or colony announces his coming by the sounds emitted by the bells, thereby frightening the other rats an causing them to flee, thus practically exterminating them in a sure and economical manner. It may be added that the spring-band or collar is not liable to become accidentally lost or slip from the rat's neck because the adjacent hairs soon become interwoven with the convolutions of the spring to more firmly hold it in place. . . .

This invention thus replaces the scrabbling in the walls at night with tinkling in the walls. Is this REALLY an improvement??

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