Patent No. 3,329,096

Issued: July 4, 1967

Inventor: John V. McGovern, 3 Cobb Ave., White Plains, N.Y.

It is a principal object of the invention to provide a novel means for transportation characterized in that the speed of transportation is high, while at the same time a high degree of safety is provided.

According to the invention, there is provided, in the combination, a vehicle track 1 comprising hoops 2 disposed in spaced relation with air space separating next adjacent hoops. The hoops are axially aligned over the course of the track, and an elongated man-carrying vehicle 3.

The inwardly disposed surfaces of the turns are lined with a material of low coefficient of friction. A suitable material for the surface is Teflon, which is polytetrafluoroethylene. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 1, the internal surface of the hoops is provided with the blades 6 of Teflon.

The vehicle 3 can be jet powered having a jet exhaust 11. The spacing of the hoops 2 makes the use of a jet practical since by reason of the spacing of the hoops, there is adequate ventilation so that the exhaust of the jet is exhausted from the track, without difficulty. The vehicle 3 has a smooth extended surface 12 for sliding surface contact with the blades 6.

It is contemplated that the track will serve to guide the vehicle. If desired, however, control surfaces such as a rudder can be included to facilitate control of directional movement of the vehicle. The vehicle is provided with windows 14 and with the forward windshield 15.

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