Air Vent Toy

Patent No. 5,186,675

Inventor: Robert D. D. Stoddard, 1095 W. 1060 North, Layton, Utah 84041

Issued: February 16, 1993

 Just the thing for parents with kids who are afraid of the dark! Just put one on the heat register in his room...

An inflatable vent toy for an exhaust vent air outlet comprising: an inflatable balloon made of a flexible material patterned and shaped to suit the preference of a user having a base defining an air inlet with surrounding attachment structure to secure the base over the exhaust vent air outlet such that the air inlet is in communication with the vent air outlet to enable in-coming air from the vent to enter the base air inlet and fill the balloon in a first mode, and to escape and collapse in a second mode when the in-coming air from the vent stops.

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Last updated: Wed, 14 Oct 2020