Pizza pie with concentric rings of crust 

Patent No. 5,508,049

Issued: April 16, 1996

A pizza mold for forming pizza dough includes a frame having a peripheral configuration which matches the desired peripheral configuration of the dough, e.g., round, rectangular or square. One surface of the frame includes a plurality of concentric cavities formed at predetermined radial distances from the geometric axis of the frame, with one concentric cavity being formed adjacent the peripheral edge of the frame. The frame is designed to be brought into contact with the dough and the dough is formed (e.g., rolled) across the surface of the frame with the dough being formed in the concentric cavities. When the pizza mold is removed, the concentric cavities produce raised ridges of dough on the surface of the dough. The cavities can be formed in rings across the surface of the frame to create annular raised ridges for a round pizza, or the cavities can be formed in rectangles or squares across the surface of the frame to create rectangular or square raised ridges for a rectangular or square pizza. Toppings such as cheese, meat and/or vegetables, can be located between adjacent raised ridges on the dough. When the pizza dough is cooked, the raised ridges on the dough form crust across a significant portion of the pizza.

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