Patent number: 10640955

Capture nozzle housing for fire hydrant nozzle

Original Assignee: Kennedy Valve Company

Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes, Tools

Patent granted on: Tue, 05 May 2020

Patent drawing


A novel hose nozzle has a cup shaped capture nozzle housing with a curved shape similar to the mating O-ring. The cup shaped ends of the nozzle create a 45 degree angle. The novel shape of the ends of the nozzle traps the O-ring at the same radius of the O-ring. Rounding off the end of the nozzle permit the ends to have a radius equivalent to the O-ring. The O-ring is aligned with the nozzle, because there is no longer a round item trying to fit onto a flat surface. This design stabilizes the end of the nozzle, and keeps the nozzle from becoming crooked. The mating surfaces between the nozzle cup and the O-ring are the same. The O-ring mating surface has a complementary shape to the nozzle mating surface and the radius at the end of the nozzle preferably matches the radius of the O-ring.