Patent No. 5,186,198

Intake Manifold Relief Valve

Issued: February 16,1993

Inventor: Paul G. Kennedy, Horseheads, N.Y.

Assignee: Penn Troy Machine Company, Inc., Troy, Pa.

An intake manifold relief valve comprising a valve body (13) having at least two openings, one opening being an inlet (22) for gas and another opening being an outlet (23) for gas to relieve excess pressure, a piston (8) for opening and closing said gas inlet (22) and containing an orifice hole (21) to maintain a constant pressure on both sides of the piston (8); said valve body (13) also cooperating with said piston (8) to form an enclosed gas chamber the size of which is decreased as said piston (8) moves to open said valve, a piston spring (5) applying a force on said piston (8) in addition to that provided by the gas pressure within said chamber to maintain it in a closed position under normal conditions, said piston (8) moving to open said gas inlet (22) when excess pressure within the manifold overcomes the force of said piston spring (5), thereby allowing gas to escape through said valve outlet (23); as the pressure is equalized within the valve through said orifice hole (21), said piston spring (5) will force said piston (8) back to closed position; the size of said orifice (21) being selected to determine the pressure at which the piston (8) unseats and the valve opens. The spring (5) is used to return the piston (8) to a closed position and close the valve as soon as the pressure transient has passed through the outlet (23) and the oxygen in the atmosphere entering through the exhaust opening outlet (23) cannot cause a secondary explosion in the valve.

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