Gate Assembly For A Double Disk Gate Valve

Patents No. 5,971,358 and 6,254,060

Issued: October 26, 1999 and July 3, 2001

Inventor: Paul G. Kennedy, Horseheads, NY

Assignee: Penn-Troy Machine Co., Inc., Box 187, Troy, PA 16947
(570) 297-4442 or 1-800-232-4442

 A gate assembly for a double disk gate valve having two closure disks with a resilient material between. The resilient material and closure disks are enveloped in an outer harder coating. Closing the gate valve brings the disks into initial sealing contact with the bottom of the valve seat. Applying pressure to the gate valve after contact is made between the gate assembly and the valve seat causes the resilient central member to exert pressure against the closure disks, thus pressing the outer coating of the gate assembly against the sidewalls of the valve seat. This action creates a better sealing engagement with the seat surface to exclude flow. Wear on the gate assembly is significantly reduced since the gate assembly does not make contact with the sidewalls of the seat while being moved between an open position and a closed position.

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