Patent No. 5,583,489

Fabric Security Label

Issued: December 10, 1996

Inventors: Thomas R. Loemker, Fairfield CT; Raymond A. Blanchard, Jr., Dryden NY; Gerald R. Bradley, Athens PA; John R. Wilhovsky, Sparta NJ; Paul A. Chamandy, Ithaca NY

Assignee: Paxar Corporation, Sayre PA

A security label is attached to a fabric material to reduce theft at retail stores. The security label including a security device, such as a metallic strip, is attached to garments, apparel, soft goods (towels, etc.) and footwear (sneakers, etc.). The methods for attaching the security labels to the fabric materials include allowing convenient removal of the security device after the sales transaction and include permanent attachment. The security labels are attached to woven, coated, and synthetic fabrics by sewing.

The sealed security label 10 will provide a water tight pocket 14 to protect the security device 18 from damage or rust and to protect a garment 24 and soft goods from rust or stain from the security device 18. Also, the sealed security label will prevent the user from coming in direct contact with the security device 18 to prevent physical scratching or cutting. The security device 18 is sufficiently sealed to be protected from home laundering, steam pressing, ironing, and dry cleaning.

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