Flooring Installation Tool

Patent No. 5,964,450

Issued: October 12, 1999

Inventor: Chris E. Pasto, P.O. Box 153, Spencer, NY 14883

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 A flooring tool for the installation or repair of wooden tongue and groove flooring. The tool has a jack for exerting linear force, with a fixed and a movable portion. A pivoting gripper is mounted upon the movable portion, and a guide is mounted upon the fixed portion, which allows a brace such as a 2.times.4 board to be inserted into the guide and gripper and held in place, extending the reach and usefulness of the tool. A foot upon a push-pull rod extends downwards from the fixed portion of the jack, and pushes upon the flooring planks. In a preferred embodiment, two attachment points are provided for the foot on its rod, at each end of the fixed portion, providing maximum flexibility.

This product is manufactured by

Cepco Tools, Inc.,
PO Box 153
Spencer, NY, 14883

Sales: 800-466-9626 - Voice: 607-589-4916 - Fax: 607-589-4313

Website: http://www.cepcotools.com

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