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Design Patent No. D384,376 - Issued: September 30, 1997
Utility Patent No. 5,791,650 - Issued: August 11, 1998
Utility Patent No. 6,062,562 - Issued: May 16, 2000

Inventor: Scott D. Pardee, Pardee Games, P.O. Box 69, Ithaca, NY 14851
Tel. / Fax #: (607) 272-4718


Patents on Chebache®, a new game combining features of Chess, Checkers and Backgammon, with many novel playing features. 

The game utilizes a two-dimensional board having spaces arranged in orthogonal rows and columns in two alternating contrasting colors. Two dice are used as a chance element. Each player is assigned 12 ordinary pieces in one of the colors and a "king" piece. The "king" piece is bi-colored, so that when attacked or captured it may be converted to the other color by inverting it. The "King" counts as two pieces for the purposes of attack and stacking, and can move forward or backward. A path of play begins in a corner space of the player's color termed the "Start" and proceeds in a defined path from space to intersection to space alternately across the board to another corner space termed the "Finish". 

The path of play turns at a right angle at each space, so that the player always exits a space on the same side he entered it, and such a path change may be symbolized by a corner symbol on the board. The path proceeds in this fashion from the "Start" to the "Finish", traversing all of the spaces in the player's color at least once. The turns in the game comprise two phases for each player: jumping and roll/move. The object of the game is to be the first to get all pieces to the "Finish" space. 

A player may "capture" and send his opponent's pieces back to the "start" space by either landing on the pieces with an equal or superior number of pieces, or by trapping the pieces in a special triangular arrangement of pieces on two intersections and an angle known as a "Chebache". An additional win situation is to trap the opponent's "king" in a "Chebache" from which it cannot escape.

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Chebache® is a registered trademark of Scott Pardee, Reg. No. 2,019,575

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