Patent No. 4,564,509

Method And Apparatus For Improved Gettering For Reactant Gases

Issued: January 14, 1986

Inventor: James R. Shealy; Lester F. Eastman, both of Ithaca, N.Y.

Assignee: Northeast Semiconductor Inc.,Ithaca, N.Y.

A method of removing oxygen and water vapor and other oxygen bearing gas species from reactant gases comprising the use of an appropriate solution containing an active gettering metal, selected from the group of aluminum, magnesium, calcium and lithium in liquid phase through a moderate temperature range, including room temperature and above as an oxygen gettering step, through the formation of an oxide of said metal wherein the said metal becomes continuously available for oxidation by exposing the said unreacted metal to the gas by bubbling the reactant gas through a ternary melt of gallium-indium and the said metal in a nonreactive container and maintaining in solid phase an excess of the active gettering method so that the capacity for removing the oxygen and water vapor and other oxygen bearing gas species may be extended by the active metal going into solution in the melt from the solid as the metal oxide is formed and goes out of solution.

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