Patent No. 5,516,040

Two-way Mailing Envelopes

Issued: May 14, 1996

Inventor: Sheng C. Lin, 64110 Terese Terrace, Jamesville, NY 13078

The present invention includes a two way envelope that has a front panel, a rear panel, side flaps and a first mailing flap that seals the envelope during the first mailing like any other normal envelope. In addition to these standard features, the envelopes of the present invention include a second mailing flap which folds out, or slips down, to cover at least a portion of the first mailing information and display second mailing information. The second mailing flap can seal the envelope for the second mailing or a second mailing sealing flap can be provided.

The two way envelope differs from the previous two way envelopes primarily in the ease with which the second mailing flap is folded out, or slipped down. The sides of the envelope are closed from the bottom of the envelope to either a portion of, or all of, the way to the top. The fact that the top portion of the sides are not sealed allows the front and rear panels to be spread apart and the second mailing flap can be removed from between the two panels or the first mailing flap can be inserted with ease.

The present invention also includes envelopes that have a second mailing flap or a second sealing flap folded on the outside of the envelope and covered by the first mailing flap during the first mailing. Once the envelope is opened, the second mailing flap or second sealing flap are extremely easy to unfold. In some embodiments, the first mailing information is provided on what would normally look like the rear of the envelope.

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