Patent No. 5,484,061

Electrostatic Sieving Apparatus

Issued: January 16, 1996

Inventor: John P. Dunn, Penn Yan, NY

Assignee: Advanced Electrostatic Technologies, Inc., Hammondsport, NY

An apparatus for classifying particles by size using a strong electrostatic field created by a high DC potential between a solid electrode and a sieve electrode. Particles are fed to a transfer point located between the sieve electrode and the solid electrode such that the particles disperse and oscillate between the sieve electrode and the solid electrode. Smaller particles pass through the sieve electrode.

The solid electrode may be flat, or contoured in side-to-side sine wave, step or sawtooth patterns, or in dimples across the surface, to increase the oscillation of particles. A plurality of parallel wire electrodes may be added perpendicular to the long axis of the sieve and solid electrodes at the same potential as the solid electrode in order to increase turbulence and particle oscillation.

Figure 15, top, shows a side view of a contoured electrode, which serves to increase the oscillation of the particles by varying the electrostatic field as the particles travel along the electrode.

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