Patent No. 5,730,245

Issued: March 24, 1998

Inventor: John Conway, 946 Harford-Slaterville Road, Dryden, New York 13053

The invention presents an easy to use anchor for safety cables which can be attached to the framing of the floor as it is built, and removed and re-used after the floor is completed.

The anchor has lower and upper plates separated by a spacer the thickness of an I-beam cross-plate. The anchor clamps between two adjacent beams, with the upper and lower plates sliding around the top plate of the I-beam and being fastened firmly with setscrews in the lower plate. Eye bolts screw into the anchor plate to provide a tie-off spot for cables. The thickness of the anchor plate over the deck support beams is such that the top of the anchor plate is flush with the surface of the plywood decking over which the concrete will be poured.

In use, the anchor is slid into the desired location between the top plates of two deck support I-beams and screwed tightly into place using the setscrews in the lower plate of the anchor. When the plywood deck is laid, it is notched around the anchor plate, and the surface of the upper plate of the anchor forms a flush floor with the top of the plywood deck. The workers can tie off their safety cables to the eyebolts screwed into the anchor. When the time comes to pour the floor, the eyebolts are removed and the holes covered with duct tape. The floor is poured, and when it cures and the beams and plywood are removed, the anchors can be easily detached from the I-beams and re-used. 

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