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Method of Preserving the Dead

Patent No. 748,284

Inventor: J. Karkowski, Herkimer, New York

Issued: December 29, 1903

 The invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in methods of preserving the dead; and it has for its object the provision of a means whereby a corpse may be hermetically incased within a block of transparent glass, whereby being effectually excluded from the air the corpse will be maintained for an indefinite period in a perfect and lifelike condition, so that it will be prevented from decay and will at all times present a lifelike appearance...

In carrying out my process I first surround the corpse with a layer of sodium silicate or water-glass... after which molten glass is applied to the desired thickness...

I have shown the head only of the corpse as incased within the transparent block of glass, it being at once evident that the head alone may be preserved in this manner, if preferred...

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