2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Closing... and it's over...

After the Atholantics, the Scouts began to take down their subcamps in preparation for departure on Friday, July 31st. After the evening meal the camp filed up the Campfire Slope for our final campfire of the Jamborette. Fittingly, as the campfire proceeded, a huge thunderhead loomed in the distance, but the weather over Target Field remained dry and beautiful.  

The campfire started enthusiastically, as the subcamps gave their cheers for the last time and various staff members led the group in song. 

As the sun set and the camp grew darker, the mood became more restrained, as everyone realized that this was the last time we'd all be together at this Jamborette. 

Camp Chief John Kennedy called each contingent leader up and distributed packages of heather for each Scout and leader as a memento of the camp. 

Then, the Chief and the Subcamp Uncles lit torches at the dying campfire...

... and used the torches to light candles held by each of the participants, until the Campfire Slope was covered in light. 

Finally, as we sang the Blair Atholl Song, the candles were blown out from right to left across the slope to end the campfire, and the Scouts filed away in the darkness... and the 2000 Blair Atholl Jamborette was over. 

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