Preformed bag feeder for packaging machines

Patent No. 9,365,309

Issued: June 14, 2016
Filed: March 3, 2013
Term Extension: 563 days

Inventor: Salas; Rodrigo Israel (Barcelona, ES)
Assignee: Bossar Packaging, S.A. (Barcelona, ES)

Preformed bag feeder for packaging machines which comprises buckets containing the preformed bags and first means for picking up successive bags from the buckets and for supplying the bags, one by one, to fastening clamps located at a point of the trajectory of the transporter, the clamps allowing pick-up of the successive bags, in a vertical orientation, by the transporter. The transporter comprises, following the fastening clamps, a positioner that carries out the horizontal and vertical alignment of the successive bags with respect to horizontal and vertical reference lines; arranging the bags in a fixed position wherein the lower extremity of the successive bags matches the horizontal reference line and the aforementioned bags are centered with respect to the vertical reference line.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims priority to Spain application no. P201230354, filed Mar. 9, 2012, the disclosure of which is incorporated herein by reference and made a part of this application.

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