Chain or belt tensioner with a ratchet that deactivates

Patent No. 9,267,579

Issued: February 23, 2016
Filed: December 4, 2013
Term Extension: 260 days

Inventor: Markley; George L. (Montour Falls, NY), Barrette; Simon (Lansing, NY), Smith; Dale N. (Freeville, NY), Goodsell; Joseph P. (Freeville, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc.(Auburn Hills, MI)

A tensioner comprising a piston slidably received within a piston bore of the housing having a plurality of grooves formed on an outer circumference, the piston forming a first pressure chamber with the piston bore. The tensioner uses a mechanism to remove a sliding pawl or expandable clip from engaging the grooves on the piston, such that the piston can move towards the housing and reduce chain load when fluid pressure is reduced in the first pressure chamber during engine shutdown, but not so much as to leave the chain uncontrolled during engine restart. The mechanism may for example be a fluid biased spool piston which engages the expandable clip or a pawl piston that engages a sliding pawl.

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