Use of peptides for promoting wound healing

Patent No. 9,133,238

Issued: September 15, 2015
Filed: January 7, 2009
PCT Filed: January 07, 2009
PCT No.: PCT/EP2009/000241
371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: October 04, 2010
PCT Pub. No.: WO2009/087117
PCT Pub. Date: July 16, 2009
Term Extension: 546 days

Inventors: Bolscher; Johannes Gerhardus Maria (Amsterdam, NL), Van Nieuw Amerongen; Arie (Amsterdam, NL), Veerman; Engelmundus Cornelis Ignatius (Amsterdam, NL), Oudhoff; Menno Johannes (Amsterdam, NL), Van't Hof; Willem (Amsterdam, NL), Nazmi; Kamran (Amsterdam, NL), Van Den Keijbus; Petronella Adriana Maria (Amsterdam, NL)
Assignee: Rapid Pathogen Screeening, Inc. (Sarasota, FL)

The current invention relates to the use of a peptide comprising an amino acid sequence in the preparation of a medicament for the regeneration of tissue, preferably for the treatment of a wound. Further the invention relates to compositions comprising such peptides, and use of said peptides in both medical and nonmedical (cosmetic) applications.

Reference to Related Applications

This application is a 371 of PCT/EP2009/000241, filed Jan. 7, 2009, which claims Foreign priority to EP 08075012.8, filed Jan. 7, 2008 and Netherlands application 2002152, filed Oct. 20, 2008.

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