Using camshaft timing device with hydraulic lock in an intermediate position for vehicle restarts

Patent No. 9,121,358

Issued: September 1, 2015
Filed: February 22, 2013
Term Extension: 353 days

Inventors: Strehlau; Anna (Windsor, CA), Kaitschuck; David H. (Commerce Township, MI), Smith; Franklin R. (Cortland, NY) 
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

A method of using a mid-position lock VCT phaser in an engine with a stop-start mode of operation with the steps of: when the engine is in a stop mode of the stop-start mode: adjusting a duty cycle of an actuator coupled to the control valve of the phaser to command the control valve to the retard mode; maintaining the duty cycle of the actuator to command the control valve to remain in the retard mode until an automatic restart of the engine. If the key is detected in an off position either restarting the engine; commanding the phaser to the detent mode, such that the lock pin is moved to a locked position and the phaser is locked in an intermediate phase angle position; and shutting down the engine or commanding the phaser to detent mode during engine cranking during a next engine restart.

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