Modular, scalable high solids methane digester for small-sized to medium-sized farms

Patent No. 9,090,497

Issued: July 28, 2015
Filed:  May 31, 2012
Term Extension: 491 days

Inventors: Brinton, Jr.; William F. (Mount Vernon, ME), Bragg; Jeffrey H. (Sidney, ME)

A modular methane digester facility includes prefabricated portable concrete panels and a flexible membrane roof sealing an interior space of the methane digester. A separator-conveyor dewatering device, integratable into the front end of the methane digester facility, separates a semi-solid liquid manure into a liquid portion and a solid portion. A method of dual-stage methane digestion includes stacking a solid stage in a methane digester and supplying a liquid stage to the top of the solid stage. The liquid stage percolates by gravity through the solid stage, the solid stage acts as a filter for the liquid stage, and the liquid stage acts as a methanogenic buffer for the solid stage. A method of pre-heating a mass of solids in a methane digester to a mesophilic temperature includes supplying oxygen to the mass of solids in the form of ambient air supplied to the methane digester by a reverse-air pump.

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