Biofuels Containing Nitrile Moieties

Patent No. 8,956,425

Issued: February 17, 2015
Filed: July 11, 2007
Term Extension: 665 days

Inventor: Nicholas M.Irving;  Guatemala
Assignee: Rio Oeste, S.A. (Guatemala, GT)

A novel method to prepare high-enthalpy biofuels has been developed based on a new chemical pattern which has never been used before in the synthesis of renewable fuels. These biofuels are based on natural oleaginous feedstock, rendering low viscosity liquids with broad liquid range and enthalpy levels much superior to those found in common biodiesel, meaning ethyl or methyl fatty esters. As in the case of biodiesel, these new biofuels contain zero sulfur, causing none of the major pollution associated with commercial diesel. High enthalpy biofuels are aliphatic nitrile compounds, containing a single nitrogen substituent, are chemically aprotic, even though their high degree of polarity is reflected in its high cetane index and solubility parameter. The present invention includes fuels associated with diesel, as well as other high-enthalpy fractions, which according to their boiling point, correspond to naphtha in the lower scale, and bunker in the upper scale.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Guatemalan patent application number A-200700043, filed May 25, 2007, entitled "Biocompuestos de Function Nitrilo". The benefit under 35 U.S.C. 119(a) of that application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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