Automatic machine for leveling and alignment of railway in plate, prior to the concrete

Patent No. 8,794,157

Issued: August 5, 2014
Filed: March 22, 2012
Foreign Priority Application Filed: April 26, 2011 (Spain)
Term Extension: 264 days

Inventor: Aguirre Fernandez; Jose Ma (Madrid, Spain)
Assignee:  Tecsa Empresa Constructora, S.A. (Madrid, Spain)

Automatic machine for leveling and alignment of ballastless railway, prior to concreting, having a structure (1) that moves along the track, provided with fastening elements to, once located in the track section to be positioned, firmly grab both rails (10) keeping the track in suspension while it performs millimetric movements of displacement until placing it in the desired final position, both in plant and height of the rails and cant; said machine has a measuring system, which includes tilt sensors (11) and a total station (12) of GPS or topographic type, that allow to identify the actual position of the track, in real-time. It also has a control system that includes process software of the position data acquired by the measuring devices (11-12), from which it determines the required movements to be carried out to achieve the desired final position of the track.

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