Gas Liquifier

Patent No. 8,671,698

Issued: March 18, 2014
Filed: October 10, 2007
Term Extension: 1,257 days

Inventor: Wang; Chao (Manlius, NY)
Assignee: Cryomech, Inc. (Syracuse, NY)

A cryocooler for liquefying gas in which the neck of the dewar or cryostat includes a cold end of a cryocooler with the first stage cooling station, the first stage regenerator, the second stage cooling station, the second stage regenerator, and a condenser thermally coupled to the second cooling station. Radiation baffles are also present within the neck portion of the dewar between the storage portion for the dewar and the condenser, such that when the cryocooler is turned off, the radiation baffles reduce heat radiation on the cryogen in the storage section of the dewar.

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