Dual-use modular carbon-fiber ladder and bridge

Patent No. 8,602,164

Issued: December 10, 2013
Term Extension:  days

Inventors: Allred, III; Jimmie B. (Skaneateles, NY), Kummer; Joseph (Fayetteville, NY), Griswold; Michael D. (Syracuse, NY), Hall; Michael J. (Camillus, NY), Bush; Matthew A. (LaFayette, NY)
Assignee: Allred & Associates Inc. (Elbridge, NY)

A dual-use ladder and bridge modular system preferably includes tubes, gussets, flanges, and/or joints. In a preferred embodiment, the tubes, gussets, flanges, and/or joints are made of carbon fiber. A method connects and disconnects modular carbon fiber ladder segments. Another method creates a lightweight carbon-fiber beam with exceptionally high stiffness and strength using a combination of carbon-fiber braid material, uni-directional cloth, and pultruded carbon-fiber strips. A carbon fiber ladder segment and tube connectors are also disclosed.

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