Processes and apparatus for small-scale in situ biodiesel production

Patent No. 8,491,857

Issued: July 23, 2013
Filed: September 5, 2012

Inventor: Cantizani; Antonio (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Processes and apparatus produce economically feasible biodiesel without subsidies. Toward that end, integrated small plants process materials containing lipids with anhydrous bioethanol as solvent and reactant, and sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide mainly as catalysts to produce up to 3 million gallons of biodiesel per plant per year. The product is predominantly fatty acids ethyl esters (FAEE) and a chemically-enhanced organic fertilizer as byproduct. The raw material may include a wide variety of non-edible solid matter that contains lipids, which normally have from 0.5% to 80% by weight of free fatty acids in total oils. Multiple apparatus makes this process feasible. In addition to not competing with food production, since they supply fertilizer for small scale farmers, the processes and apparatus allow sustainable liquid fuel production.

Reference to Related Applications

This is a divisional patent application of co-pending application Ser. No. 13/416,395, filed Mar. 9, 2012, entitled "PROCESSES AND APPARATUS FOR SMALL-SCALE IN SITU BIODIESEL PRODUCTION". The aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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