Sliding Rack Ratchet Tensioner

Patent No. 8,337,345

Issued: December 25, 2012
PCT Filed: January 11, 2008
PCT No.: PCT/US2008/050826
371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: July 16, 2009
PCT Pub. No.: WO2008/094740
PCT Pub. Date: August 07, 2008

Inventors: Barve; Anand Arun (Ithaca, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI) 

The high-performance sliding rack ratchet tensioner is inexpensively manufactured. A rack having rack teeth is slidingly received in a rack slot on the side of the piston. The rack slot is preferably open-ended on the end facing the tensioner arm. The rack and piston are both received in a piston bore in the tensioner body. The rack length is preferably shorter than the rack slot length to provide backlash. A pawl mounted in a pawl bore perpendicular to the rack bore engages the rack. The open-ended rack slot allows the rack to be inserted after the piston during assembly. The rack and pawl preferably have shark fin-shaped teeth. The pawl preferably has dummy teeth to ensure that the load is shared by the center teeth.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Provisional Application No. 60/886,686, filed Jan. 26, 2007, entitled "SLIDING RACK RATCHET TENSIONER". The benefit under 35 USC .sctn.119(e) of the United States provisional application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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