Chains for power transmission

Patent No. 8,002,658

Issued: August 23, 2011
Filed: November 17, 2008
Priority: September 3, 2003 (Japan)

Inventors: Morishige; Kouji (Nabari, JP), Ledvina; Timothy J. (Salamanca, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

A power transmission chain includes a plurality of links and a bending-restraining mechanism. The bending-restraining mechanism includes a wire extending in a lengthwise direction along the chain and engaging at least three adjacent joints of the chain. The wire is formed such that it elastically deforms when an inside link rotates around the inner joint in a first direction from a linearly extending state, the wire thereby applying a bending resistance to the inside link during articulation of the chain. In one embodiment, the wire includes at least one curved section clipped around at least a majority of a circumference of at least one joint. In another embodiment, the wire is formed such that a predetermined bias due to a bending deformation of the wire is applied to the inside link when the chain is extended linearly.

Reference to Related Applications

This is a continuation-in-part patent application of co-pending application Ser. No. 10/925,322, filed Aug. 24, 2004, entitled "CHAINS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION", which claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Japanese application number 2003-311284, filed Sep. 3, 2003, entitled "CHAINS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION". The benefit under 35 USC.sctn.119(a) of the Japanese application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned applications are hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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