Fastener Extraction Tool

Patent No. 7,703,748

Issued: April 27, 2010 
Filed: January 11, 2008

Inventor: Foley; Michael J. (Hailey, ID)
Assignee: Nail Jack Tools, Inc. (Hailey, ID)

The hand tool is used to extract a fastener from a material. The hand tool has a head with two pivotally joined halves including at least one pair of gripping jaws. The tool head preferably includes tips that may be used to dig beneath a fastener head that is flush with or set below a surface. The tool includes a pair of handles operable to close the gripping jaws. The handles are preferably offset above the plane of the tool head such that they operate as a lever in cooperation with a fulcrum on the bottom of the tool head to extract the fastener.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Provisional Application No. 61/003,834, filed Nov. 20, 2007, entitled "FASTENER EXTRACTION TOOL". The benefit under 35 USC .sctn.119(e) of the United States provisional application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

See also related patent 7,950,627

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