Mechanical strap tensioner for multi-strand tensioning

Patent No. 7,628,719

Issued: December 8, 2009
Filed: October 26, 2005

Inventor: Markley; George L. (Montour Falls, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner, Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

A tensioner for a closed loop power transmission system for an internal combustion engine having a drive shaft terminating in a sprocket and at least one camshaft, each terminating in a sprocket, with a single continuous chain wrapping around all of the sprockets. The tensioner contains a pair of elongated tensioning arms, each one in slidable contact with one of the two strands of chain that traverses between the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket(s). Each tensioning arm contains a wear face that remains in constant slidable contact with the strand of chain to which it is adjacent. An adjusting arm connects one of the ends of the tensioning arms. The adjusting arm has a ratchet means that adjusts for the backlash in the system and takes up any slack in the chain.

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