Endless track for high speed multi-terrain vehicles

Patent No. 7,367,637

Issued: May 6, 2008
Filed: June 15, 2005

Inventors: Gleasman; Keith E. (Fairport, NY) 
Assignee: Torvec, Inc. (Rochester, NY)

The track design for use with a tracked vehicle includes a cantilever cut made down into the outward side of each tread just outboard of the position where the inside of the track contacts the outboard edge of the tread of the outer wheel of each pair of track-supporting dual wheels. This cut significantly reduces lateral "roll-out" of the guide lugs from between the dual wheels when traversing uneven surfaces. When the outer edge of the track passes over sharply uneven terrain, this cut in the tread allows the outer edge of the track belt to lift away from the flat main surface under the wheels. Thus the interior surface of the track maintains contact with both tires of each pair of dual wheels by reducing twisting of the track belt that may cause the guide lugs to tip out of the mating surfaces formed between the dual-wheel pairs.

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