Dynamical method for obtaining global optimal solution of general nonlinear programming problems 

Patent No. 7,277,832

Issued: October 2, 2007
Filed: May 4, 2001
Note: Term is extended under 35 USC 154(b) by 1034 days. 

Inventors: Chiang; Hsiao-Dong (Ithaca, NY)
Assignee: Bigwood Technology, Inc. (Ithaca, NY) 

A method for obtaining a global optimal solution of general nonlinear programming problems includes the steps of first finding, in a deterministic manner, all stable equilibrium points of a nonlinear dynamical system that satisfies conditions (C1) and (C2), and then finding from said points a global optimal solution. A practical numerical method for reliably computing a dynamical decomposition point for large-scale systems comprises the steps of moving along a search path .phi.t(xs)={xs+ t x s, t.epsilon+} starting from xs and detecting an exit point, xex, at which the search path .phi.t(xs) exits a stability boundary of a stable equilibrium point xs using the exit point xex as an initial condition and integrating a nonlinear system to an equilibrium point xd, and computing said dynamical decomposition point with respect to a local optimal solution xs wherein the search path is xd.

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