Anti-seismic system 

Patent No. 7,243,466

Issued: July 17, 2007
Filed: October 28, 2003

Inventor: Bloch-Fortea; Jean-Claude (Santa Coloma, Principat d'Andorra, FR)

The present invention provides a system and method for protecting buildings from damage due to seismic waves. The system comprises a bed of sand contained between two layers of polymer membrane, upon this sand bed a rests a first concrete slab, this first concrete slab supports, through a plurality of coil springs and shock absorbers, a second concrete slab. The structure to be protected is attached to the upward facing surface of the second concrete slab. In the event of an earthquake, the sand bed acts to slow the propagation of seismic waves, while the plurality of springs and shock absorbers isolates the structure from ground movements caused by the waves.

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