Reminder system for personal medical sampling or treatment procedures 

Patent No. 7,211,051

Issued: May 1, 2007
Filed: March 11, 2003

Inventor: Daugirdas; John T. (Hinsdale, IL)

A method for reminding an individual to collect a urine specimen includes the steps of providing a pad or clip having a reminder area of a size such that the individual touches and discovers the pad, when preparing to urinate, and attaching the pad to the brief in the groin area, in a location where it will be encountered, and underneath an outer-garment, whereby the pad is hidden from view when in normal use, and whereby the individual, when preparing to urinate, will touch and discover the pad and thereby be reminded to collect the urine specimen. The pad or clip optionally is attached to the fly of a male brief or to the waistband of either a male or female brief. The invention accomplishes the reminder task by way of imposing behavior modification on the user by operating as a forced interruption to an otherwise established routine or ritual.

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