Non-sliding valve 

Patent Nos. 7,159,843 and 7,163,187

Issued: January 9, 2007
Filed: Sep.29, 2004, and May 18, 2005

Inventors: Mullally; Michael J. (Clifton Springs, NY), Welker; Paul E. (Clifton Springs, NY)
Assignee: SealTech, Inc. (Clifton Springs, NY) 

A solenoid valve moves an armature back and forth between valve open and valve closed positions without the armature having any sliding engagement with any fixed valve part. This is accomplished by supporting the armature with a spring having one periphery engaging a fixed valve surface and another periphery engaging the armature so that armature movement causes flexure of the spring, but no sliding contact. This helps prevent generation of dirt within the valve and ensures accurate armature movement to make the valve durable and reliable. Springs in both washer and cylindrical helical shapes can accomplish this.


Patent 7,163,187 is a continuation-in-part (CIP) of 7,159,843.

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