Compactor service and monitoring system 

Patent No. 7,145,450

Issued: December 5, 2006
Filed: May 28, 2004

Inventor: Brown; William J. (Rochester, NY)

In this compactor service and monitoring system, compactor fullness and other critical parameters are monitored by an on-site processor. Compactor fullness is monitored using a pressure sensor capable of measuring hydraulic fluid system pressure for a compactor ram during a compactor compaction cycle. The processor generates a message indicating the compactor is full when the pressure is at least equal to a preset pressure for a preset time during a compaction cycle. Messages are sent via a wireless transmitter to a receiver that converts these messages into internet messages and directs them to a computer server database system. This system creates a work order in response to the message and sends the work order to a service provider via email. The email contains a link back to the database system web-site for tracking services provided by the recipient.

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